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Tips and Info

This is where we will share tips and tricks, new finds, and helpful links.

Tips for successful collecting

The number one tip is to have fun!

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What to wear?

In the summer:
  1. Beach/water shoes or old tennis shoes
  2. Light clothing
  3. Wide brimmed hat

   UV blocking clothing is great

In the winter:
  1. Layers, waterproof and windproof is ideal
  2. Wide brimmed hat
  3. Gloves
  4. Boots/waterproof shoes

What to bring?
  1. Walking stick or collecting scoop
  2. Collecting bags or containers (we provide ziplock style bags)
  3. Backpack with essential gear to keep you comfortable and to hold your belongings (we provide sun block, bug spray, and always have first-aid kits available)

Things to keep in mind.
  1. We are outside and surrounded by nature
  2. Summer time brings sea nettles and jellyfish that you'll want to avoid in the water
  3. Stay aware of your surroundings