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Greetings! Thank-you for taking the time to read a little bit about us, who we are, and why we started this venture. Our two fossil guides are Paul and John. Read their biographies below.

About Paul:
     I first visited the cliffs in the early 1990s as a tourist and like many of you I became fascinated by the beach finds one could make by just walking along the cliffs. My first experiences were vacationing on weekends in the summers at the Matoaka Cabins. Soon we were renting a place there for the entire summer, and then in 2009  we purchased a foreclosed property in the Long Beach community where I have served as an at-large board member on their community association ever since.
     I worked for 20+ years in the financial sector with a large mutual fund company but in 2017 decided it was no longer for me and started this venture to share my love of the cliffs and introduce people to the vast history and bounty of gifts and knowledge that it has to offer. I had enough of the corporate world and wanted to return to the outdoors—which was my first choice of a profession when I entered college on a 3/2 forestry major co-op with Duke University that remorsefully I never fulfilled.
     I started volunteering with the Calvert Marine Museum (CMM) in the summer of 2001 when I spotted several articulated specimens in the cliffs and was able to join the museum for many days of field work as they quarried them. It was then that I knew I was hooked!!
     In the past I have served as a fossil guide at the Aurora North Carolina “Lee Creek” mine and also as the President of the Aurora Fossil Museum Friends group for two years. I also provide educational events for free in my home town school district (in Pennsylvania).
     Since then I have spotted and recovered many specimens along the cliffs and donated them to museums such as the CMM and the Smithsonian. The total count is upwards of 2000. Of these, several are under research as possible new species or as first occurrences from the Calvert Cliffs including:
                                1 Squalodon
                                3 Odontocetes (like dolphins and porpoises)
                                1 Ray
                                2 Fish
                                1 Dog
                                1 Bird
        In addition, I’ve had a small presence on the web for the past several years with creating articles for The Fossil Guy website ( where I’ve talked about finds along the bay as well as collaborations with other museums. I’ve wanted to do a website for a few years, and now with this venture it finally is the right time.

We can't wait to share your next adventure with you!